Cómo sigue la salud de Rodrigo Aliendro tras su operación por la fractura que sufrió frente a Boca


Rodrigo Aliendro is recovering at the Finochietto sanatorium, where he will remain hospitalized for at least 48 hours under observation, after successfully overcoming the surgical intervention to which he was subjected on Monday night for the fracture of the facial mass with collapse of the malar and compromise of the floor of the orbit that he suffered on Sunday in the Bombonera after the impact of his face with the knee of Alan Varela, after the infraction committed by the Boca player.

Beyond the brief statement that River issued in which it only reports that the midfielder of the squad led by Marcelo Gallardo “He is hospitalized and in recovery and will be discharged in the next few days“, Clarion was able to find out that Aliendro is fine, he woke up in a good way andyou need between two and three days of rest for the inflammation to go down and the pain to calm down. And according to his brother, one of the relatives who is keeping him company, he was “deeply” anesthetized.

With the floor of the orbit fractured and the malar -cheekbone- and the side of the nose sunken, the 31-year-old driver was fixed with titanium microplates and microscrews, which served as a link between the damaged part and the fury. Thus, they reduced the fracture and put the bones in his place after spending two and a half hours in the operating room.

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and absolute rest to combat inflammation and pain until he is discharged in 48 or 72 hours: these were the subsequent medical indications for the footballer, who has already begun a recovery that will take between two and three months and will move away from the competition until 2023.

In the beginning, moreover, Aliendro must take extreme care because the bones of the operated area are very fine., any impact could fracture his face and cause an even more severe problem, according to what the specialists said. For that reason, the former Colón must now rest and maintain sports rest until the fracture is definitively healed.

River’s doctor, Pedro Hansing, will closely follow Aliendro’s recovery and River is close to him. On Monday he was also visited by Marcelo Gallardo, the first vice president Matías Patanian, and Eduardo Barrionuevo, the closest leader to the campus.

Meanwhile, from Boca there were no official contacts but it was learned that Alan Varela intended to go through the sanatorium to support the opponent who was caused this severe injury after the impact with the left knee of the player Xeneize.


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