Eight out of ten remote workers believe they will be fired if they don’t return to the office

The coronavirus pandemic forced many companies and workers to take advantage of telecommuting. Now, with the return to normality, there are those who are still reluctant to return to the office. They find it better to work from home and have no intention of changing their new work routine. This situation has caused a major schism within the companies.

Not wanting to give up the flexibility and conciliation that remote work offers, nearly 80% of remote workers around the world fear that their bosses will end up firing them if they reject a request to return to the office, according to a new survey carried out by productivity software company OSlash among 800 work-from-home employees and 200 business leaders.

“So many years of remote work have caused a great disconnection between employers and employees: the bosses want the employees to return to the facilities, but the workers want to continue working from home,” they say from OSlash.

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Some employees are unwilling to return to the office

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In this sense, around 78% of employees stated that they were willing to accept a salary cut to continue working from home, with Generation Z respondents being the most willing to do so, according to the data from this survey.

In parallel, half of the remote workers surveyed chose more money as a key incentive to return to the office. Some have even come to say that to return to the office they would only accept an extra of at least 500 dollars.

But money is not everything. Other respondents have put forward flexibility at work, free food, extra vacations, a four-day workweek, a hybrid work schedule, payment in cryptocurrency, pets, and gas as conditions. to return to work face-to-face.

photo XAVIER CERVERA 09/22/2020 a professional (with a laptop, keyboard, large screen,...) in the field of health, teleworks from home, with two daughters (not every day is like this, after picking them up at school or nursery, he still has work to finish; even if there is total and partial confinement... all day if that's the case...)

Workers like to work from home to be able to reconcile

What do the employers say?

Entrepreneurs who have participated in the survey are in favor of finding a solution in which both parties win. Thus, 60% say they would offer hybrid options or continue to guarantee flexibility. In the event of an ultimatum from employees, only 20% would end up agreeing to continue working from home. Another 20% would not tolerate it and would fire them.

On the other hand, almost 60% of employers have admitted that they would settle for their employees to resign rather than return to the office, as they consider those who work from home to be more expendable than those who go to the office.

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