90 videos of ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ are leaked and fans go crazy

Someone has decided that Sunday, September 18, was a good day to filter up to 90 videos and images of the long-awaited grand theft auto 6. The networks, of course, have gone crazy with these advances that seem very real.

It’s been known for a long time that Rockstar is working on GTA 6. But beyond that, little else. The company has not shown anything about the video game and it seems that it will not arrive soon. However, the game could be closer than is believed based on the images that have been leaked.

Two protagonists, new animations, and the return of Vice City

The video in question shows an early version of GTA 6 in what could be one of the first missions of the game. There are new animations, new NPC interactions, a scene with a restaurant robbery, a shootout with the police, and, as speculated, a Latina female lead. She responds to the name Lucía and is in charge of carrying out the robbery.

In parallel, you can also see the revamped UI, placeholder dialogs, and star system. Other videos show a second protagonist, this time a man, exploring what appears to be Vice City, confirming a return to one of the most revered locations in the Rockstar franchise.

It is not clear when these images were recorded. The game appears to be running on an older Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 at 720p with HDR disabled, indicating that it could have been recorded quite some time ago. In this case, there would be more advanced versions of the game right now.

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg and one of the company’s most well-connected journalists has commented on the GTA 6 leaks, saying “based on the scale, it’s hard to imagine they’re not real.”

At the moment, from Rockstar they have not opened their mouths: they neither confirm nor deny. The videos, which can be easily found on virtually all social networks, have not been removed either.

Fans of the franchise have not hesitated to demand from Rockstar that, in the event that the leaks are real, a small trailer is published to serve as an appetizer of what is to come. And by the way, see where the game is in development. Not in vain, almost ten years have passed since GTA V came to video consoles

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