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With the free concerts as the starting point, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (MMVV) yesterday experienced the last day of its 34th edition, which was very positively valued by the organization, which issued a statement estimating 120,000 spectators the people who had supported the different performances that were seen in the different concerts.

That Vic and Osona are a great creative factory on our music scene is something we have known since the 1980s, and that on Friday it was again credited with the concert of another local musician, Ernest Crusts, which was the maximum point of attraction of the day with the preview of his first solo album after the experience of The Iia: the gelada font, scheduled for October

Crusats performed a calm folk-pop theme, delicately crafted and with undoubted virtues

In quartet format, Crusats performed pieces such as Herbes d’esperar-te, Mar or muntanya We are talking about a laid-back folk-pop theme, delicately crafted and with undoubted virtues on all fronts, to which we would say, if we were to be a bit picky, that perhaps a little more contrast would not hurt.

In terms of jazz, we dealt with the amazing free flight of ZB·YU·RA, a formation that is made up of the Taiwanese Yuhan Su on vibraphone, the Polish Zbigniew Chojnacki on accordion and electronics, and Ramon Prats on drums.

Also with the elegance and solvency of the trio led by double bass player Manel Fortià, who presented their recent album Wake up. Splendid repertoire based on the experiences accumulated during his years in New York, and in which he evoked landscapes such as Harlem (extraordinary Spiritual ) or Brooklyn, through the also sensational piece airs of freedom

Closing the tour, we saw Betina Quest (voice, electronics), an artist born in Burundi and raised in Germany who has based the show on her vital experience Room in a room. The proposal moves in a particular Afro-neo-soul-electronic terrain, going through songs as appreciable as those that were performed: four African women either Ikangure.

An interesting project, although sometimes more conventional than one might expect, in which her notable vocal competence stood out above all else.

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